Scrapbook Titles and Sayings, Fun with the Alphabet

How to use the alphabet on your scrapbook pages. Pictures coming soon.

For a one page or two page adjacent spread, run a boarder all the way around the page. Use your imagination - using the spiral templet you could write animal names in a spiral shape in the center. Line small pictures along the edges. Or, write an alphabet string around individual pictures or one center picture.

If you have multiple pages of school days or the trip to the zoo, tie them together with color and/or an alphabet boarder. 1st Page - Title and a secondary title at 1/2 font size running from left to right across the top of the page. 2nd Page - Boarder at top left angling down to the middle and off to the right middle of the page. 3rd Page - Pick up boarder at left middle (possible go around a picture) and head off to the middle right. 4th Page - Pick up boarder at left middle again and angle it down to the right lower corner. 5th Page - Run the boarder from left lower corner to right lower corner, etc.

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