Directory of Famous Speeches

These well-known speeches, or excerpts thereof, contain phrases and paragraphs that fit naturally into a scrapbook. A paragraph from a patriotic speech can be placed next to a picture of someone going off to war, or coming home from overseas. If you're lucky enough to have an interracial family, as we do, borrow some lines from Martin Luther King's I-have-a-dream speech.

Sometimes you will find the perfect sentence, even though it is taken out of context. Consider Kennedy's man-on-the-moon speech, for instance. You may see the line "We do these things ... not because they are easy but because they are hard", and you might decide to place it along side a picture of your husband trying to fix something.

other speeches are wonderful of course, but may not have many applications for the art of scrapbooking. If you know of a speech that should be included here, please send it along.

Susan B. Anthony: Women's Suffrage
John F. Kennedy: Berlin Address
John F. Kennedy: Moon Speech
Martin Luther King: I Have a Dream
Martin Luther King: Letter from a Birmingham Jail
Abraham Lincoln: Gettysburg Address
Nelson Mandela: Inagural Address
Franklin Roosevelt: Pearl Harbor
George W. Bush: 09/11

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